Each chapter surveys, investigates and reports the needs of children and youth in their area.  Using guidelines developed by the National Vice President who is chairperson of the HEER Program, the local chapters implement programs, projects and activities in these five areas to meet the needs of the young people in their communities.

These projects range from health fairs and drug abuse programs to health alert programs.  Educational projects include RIF sponsorships, tutoring programs and scholarship awards.  Career workshops and job placement programs are components of the employment program.  Recreational programs address the needs of children.  Cultural enrichment is provided in the arts and humanities program. In addition, members of the Societies volunteer their time and services by working with established organizations and programs in their communities which emphasize these goals.

HEALTH: improving the general condition of body and mind is the key factor to quality life.

EDUCATION: the acquisition of knowledge is essential if youth are to be able to function in the society in which they live.

EMPLOYMENT: introducing young people to and training them for the world of work is a top priority if youth are to become economically independent.

RECREATION: an essential part of life, relaxing the mind and body in the fulfillment of goals.

ARTS and HUMANITIES: exposure to human, cultural and artistic endeavors that include the arts, history, literature and philosophy is important to a well-rounded individual.