Thank you for your interest in Continental Societies, Inc., a public service organization committed to providing services and programming to disadvantaged children and youth.

Prospective members should be women of character who are committed to active service and endeavors that improve the quality of life for children and youth. They should represent diverse backgrounds, possess strong capabilities, and display a variety of talents. Their concern for others, and particularly for children and youth, is foremost and should be exemplified by their activities and standing in the community.

In an effort to assist you, we have prepared a list of FAQs. Please take a few minutes to review the list, which will address some of your questions. It is our hope that your questions will be answered. Should you have further questions regarding membership in Continental Societies, Inc. please contact the Second Vice President of Membership at:.



Q: How do you become a member of Continental Societies, Inc.?
A: Prospective members complete an application form or a profile form which is submitted to the membership chairperson, 2nd Vice President, of the local chapter. Applications/profiles of prospective members are distributed by the membership chair to the members of the local chapter for decision.

Q: Is there an age limit to join?
A: There is no age limit required to join Continental Societies, Inc.

Q: Is membership limited to African Americans?
A: Membership is not denied to woman because of race, creed, or color; and membership is not confined to the United States.

Q: How may I obtain additional information about Continental Societies, Inc.?
A: Additional information can be obtain additional information by contacting, the Public Relations Officer