Hall of Fame

The first National Hall of Fame was presented at the 1991 Conclave in Washington, DC with the first five National Presidents receiving the award.

The Hall of Fame award is presented to outstanding Continentals. One award is presented to a member from each region and is presented during the odd numbered years.

Midwest-Western Region National Hall of Fame Recipients


1993 – Dorothea Burns Twin Cities

1997 – Doris Johnson, Chicago1995 – Helen Burnett, Chicago

1999 – Connie Seymore

2001 – Ruby Fulsom, Dallas2003 – Blanch Campbell, Saint Louis

2005 – Rita C. White, Dallas

2007 – Hortense  Ransom, Dallas

2009 – Jean Newkirk, Chicago

2011 – Annie Burnett, Chicago

2013 – Louise W. Davis, Dallas Chapter

2015 – Judith A. Archer, Chicago Chapter